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Expansion of Carmine’s Healthcare activities

Carmine Capital strengthens its expertise in the Healthcare industry with the arrival of Benoit Traineau. 

Carmine Capital is proud to announce the arrival of Benoit Traineau as Senior Advisor. This appointment reinforces Carmine Capital’s expertise in a complex and constantly evolving industry.

30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry

Benoit Traineau, an expert in the healthcare sector, brings with him a wealth of experience spanning more than 30 years in the industry. He has held senior positions with prestigious international companies such as Coloplast, 3M, Johnson and Johnson, and Diasorin. In recent years, he has distinguished himself as a strategy consultant, bringing his expertise to the managers of numerous French SMEs to help them develop their international presence, optimize their processes and structure their financing.

Benoit Traineau expressed his motivation for joining Carmine Capital: “The healthcare sector is deep and varied. I’ve had the chance to work in all the main markets, whether in the field of drugs, medical devices or diagnostics, and to manage different distribution channels: hospital and pharmacy, in France and abroad. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate actively with all the players in the sector, from clinicians to caregivers, from regulatory authorities to patient associations, via trade associations. But what impressed me the most was the ability of healthcare executives to manage the usual tasks of business leaders while integrating the countless requirements specific to the healthcare sector, i.e. thinking first of the patient, taking into account regulations, market access, and many other aspects besides.”

Accelerating concentration of players

He added: “These leaders offer innovative solutions to patients and healthcare professionals, while at the same time developing exciting entrepreneurial ventures. The new period of inflation and its consequences on pricing management represent an additional factor of complexity for the healthcare industries. What’s more, the healthcare sector is seeing an acceleration in the concentration of players, making it all the more important for managers of medium-sized companies to be well-equipped to meet these new challenges. That’s why I wanted to join Carmine Capital, which for over 10 years has been successfully implementing a tailor-made approach to assisting managers with their capital transactions. At Carmine, I met a team that combines strong ethical values, functional expertise and a pragmatic approach.”


Helping our customers meet the complex challenges of this sector

Germain Simoneau, Partner at Carmine Capital, was enthusiastic about the arrival of Benoit Traineau: “We are delighted to welcome Benoit to our team. His experience in the healthcare sector, his in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem, the business and the associated technologies make him an invaluable asset for Carmine Capital and for our clients. Benoit will be in charge of developing a support offering specifically dedicated to shareholder-managers in the healthcare sector, which meets a crucial need in a constantly evolving sector. Benoit will bring a unique perspective and cutting-edge expertise to help our clients navigate the complex challenges of this sector.”

Benoit Traineau

Benoit Traineau is an expert in the healthcare industry, with a thorough understanding of its ecosystem, businesses and technologies.

For 30 years, in France and abroad, Benoit has held management positions in a number of companies in the healthcare industry and within major groups (Coloplast, 3M, Johnson and Johnson, Diasorin). Prior to joining Carmine Capital, he worked as a strategy advisor for a number of French SMEs, helping them to expand internationally, optimize their processes and structure their financing. He joined Carmine Capital in 2023 to develop an offering dedicated to shareholder-managers in the healthcare industry.n

To get more information, please contact: Germain Simoneau or Benoit Traineau.

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