Cession d'Arcométal à Codigem

Carmine Capital supports the sale of Arcometal to Codigel

Arcometal, the manufacturer of top range custom made food service equipment, has joined forces with Codigel, one of the historic leaders in the supply of professional kitchen equipment.

Arcometal, designer and manufacturer of high-end kitchen furniture

Arcometal is one of France’s leading specialists in the manufacture of custom made equipment for hotels, restaurants and businesses.

With its unique know-how and over 40 years’ experience, Arcometal’s customers include such prestigious names as Airbus, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the 4-star Hilton and Crowne Plaza hotels in Paris.

Owned since 2011 by Frédéric Mallet and Fabien Lamole, the company has just completed a strategic merger with Codigel. This major player in the sector, positioned as one of the historical market leaders in the supply of professional kitchen equipment, achieved a turnover of €30 million in 2023.

Thanks to the acquisition of Arcometal, the Sibille family, owners of Codigel, will now be able to offer a global service, from the design and manufacture of top range custom made food service equipment to their refrigeration equipment.

“We’re not in it for the money! I’ve sensed a human and family sense among Arcometal’s managers. We’re here to revitalize the company and showcase Arcometal’s immense expertise, as one of the Top 3 companies in this sector in France, with a great reputation in the industry”, explains Laurent Sibille, Chairman of Codigel.

This is Codigel’s first successful external growth operation.


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Now in the hands of the Sibille family, Arcometal will remain independent.

“For the time being, the two structures will be managed independently of each other by our family,” explains Laurent Sibille, “but Frédéric Mallet and Fabien Lamole will ensure that the business is passed on, and will continue to be the point of contact for installers and design offices.”

Frédéric Mallet, Chairman of Arcometal, is also delighted with the transaction: “This strategic merger, between two companies of consistent size, is the best solution for the long-term future of Arcometal, which is firmly rooted in a rural area. A change of generation will take place within the company, and this will lead to the creation of a new history.”

Frédéric Mallet and Fabien Lamole look back on their experience of the deal: “The Carmine Capital team was with us every step of the way, through the good times and the difficult. Above all, we remember their ability to reassure us and help us keep our spirits up, confident that the operation would be brought to a successful conclusion.”

“We are delighted to have contributed to the merger of Arcometal and Codigel. It is always a source of pride to advise managers on their capital transactions. At Carmine Capital, we are constantly striving to preserve the very essence of the companies we advise, while ensuring their sustainable post-transfer growth,” says Stéphane Carcenac, partner of Carmine Capital in Toulouse. 


For more information about this transaction, please contact: Stéphane Carcenac, Tanguy Payoux and Anne-Laure Saint-Marc Girardin.

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