cession de STA Groupe à Freelance.com

Carmine Capital supports the sale of STA Group to Freelance.com

The STA Group, specialized in freelance administration and connecting highly qualified consultants with companies, has joined forces with Freelance.com, the European leader in connecting companies with external talent.

STA Groupe, a reference in freelance administration

STA Groupe has become an undisputed reference in the field of freelance administration: with 930 employees and a turnover of almost 86 million euros in 2022, the STA Group achieved a turnover of 120 million euros in 2023, posting impressive growth of around 40%.

Early January 2024, STA Groupe joined forces with Freelance.com, the French champion in connecting companies and skilled workers.

This operation, which perfectly complements Freelance.com’s existing offering, particularly in the field of IT skills, opens up new prospects for growth. These synergies promise a seamless integration and open up very favorable horizons. The tools and processes put in place by STA enable it to produce its services at extremely competitive costs, ensuring profitability in line with Freelance.com standards.

Following the acquisition of OpenWork in August 2023, this latest operation propels the Freelance.com group beyond the billion euro revenue threshold, marking a remarkable trajectory of success in just three years after passing the half-billion milestone.


Reinforced range of services with nearly 15,000 active consultants

The merger with STA enables Freelance.com to strengthen its range of services for freelancers and companies, playing an active role in consolidating the freelance administration market in France.

“The STA group enjoys an excellent reputation among freelance and corporate clients. It boasts an ergonomic platform and also an innovative, full digital, SaaS mode service offering.
Over and above the synergies between our know-how to consolidate the Freelance.com group’s leading position in the freelance administration market in France and Europe, the successive acquisitions of OpenWork and STA will enrich Freelance.com’s talent pool with nearly 15,000 active consultants.
Freelance.com is thus consolidating its positioning in skills that are in high demand by its key account customers: strategy consultants, business experts, transition managers and IT freelancers,” 
declares Laurent Perret, Freelance.com’s Managing Director in charge of freelance administration.

“After 12 years of uninterrupted growth, I’m keen to back the STA Group with a partner able to ensure its long-term future and development. I was attracted by Freelance.com’s long-term industrial project, which aims to make it easier for freelancers to find assignments and for companies to find talent, particularly in the IT sector. The wide range of services offered by Freelance.com perfectly complements the specific features of our business model and the quality of the support we provide to our customers,” shares David Forner, Chairman and founder of STA Groupe.

He goes on to describe his experience of the deal: “The support offered by Carmine’s teams, particularly in terms of psychological support for the manager, was particularly significant to me. Preparing to sell a company involves a complex psychological process. The expertise of Germain Simoneau and his team was a great help in navigating through these emotional fluctuations. I would also like to underline their exceptional availability.”

“We were delighted to contribute to STA Groupe’s merger with Freelance.com. This transaction, which perfectly matches our client’s personal objectives with Freelance.com’s growth strategy, makes a great deal of sense, both from a human and an industrial point of view. At Carmine Capital, our aim is to meet the expectations of our shareholder clients, while guaranteeing the long-term future of their companies and the development of the men and women who make them up. In the case of this transaction, this will indeed be the case”, shares Germain Simoneau, partner at Carmine Capital. 


For more information about this transaction, please contact: Germain Simoneau, Xavier Langlois and Tanguy Payoux.

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