Do you plan to finance
an asset using
the French Tax Lease?

What are the requirements to benefit from the French Tax Lease? What is the timeline of a French Tax Lease implementation? What are the legal and financial implications of the French Tax Lease? Is it completely safe for your company?

We stand by your side to advise you from the beginning to the exit of the financing, through all the technical specificities of this attractive financing tool. We are familiar with the most recent packages set up to ensure the promotion of green energies.The French Tax Lease is very efficient but requires:

  • A perfect knowledge of the French legal & tax environment
  • A clear understanding of the financial implications of the offers


Our experience gives us a deep vision of the market and of the challenges that all companies face using the French Tax Lease. We advise you from the early project, through the delivery of the asset, and all the way up to the exit of the facility. We keep you informed every step of the way: you always know exactly what is going on and you never lose track of the process.



We help you build your whole investment strategy. We guide you through the French Tax Lease ecosystem to identify the partners (Lenders, Investors, lawyers, yards…) that suit you best.
We know under which conditions it is possible to implement a French Tax Lease even if your company is not already based in France.
We help you to fully assess the consequences of the financial and legal framework of the French Tax Lease so your stakeholders, teams and partners fully understand the mechanism and its consequences.



We assist you in the set-up of the information pack that is going to be required by the lenders and investors.
We organize a competition between all players so you get the best offer for your project.
We review the term-sheets and the financial models to make sure that the different offers are fully comparable and crystal clear.



We ensure a good coordination of all players involved during the implementation of the French Tax Lease: creation of a subsidiary in France, setting up of the legal documentation… We stand by your side to negotiate the best conditions for your project and we assist your teams so you spend less time on the process.


Post delivery

Once the asset has been delivered, we remain in touch with the lenders and investors for all matters related to the transaction to make sure that everything goes as planned up to the exit.
We ensure a good coordination between your accounting teams and the teams in charge of the special purpose vehicle.
We control that any possible change of law is applied as planned in the legal documentation.

Since 1995 our experienced team has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in France and overseas in their investment in all kinds of assets using the most advanced and powerful financing tools.
Independence, transparency, proximity, and efficiency are the values we dedicate to the success of your projects.

Thanks to the myCARMINE platform, you can transparently and in real time monitor the progress of your transaction.

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