Corporate social responsibility
of Carmine Capital

Because we are defined by our actions, Carmine Capital is committed to improving its social and environmental impact.

Carmine Capital focuses on the human element in financial operations. In assisting SME managers in fundraising, mergers, and acquisitions, Carmine Capital is dedicated to maximising the value of companies and protecting their DNA in order to ensure their sustainable growth. Carmine Capital’s commitment extends well beyond its clients!

Carmine, committed to its employees

Value sharing: Carmine’s capital is open to its employees to ensure that its growth benefits those who generate it.

Quality of work life (QWL): a career path stimulated by access to a professional coach for all our employees, a sharing of skills fostered by teamwork, and social links strengthened by engaging seminars, convivial events, and a pleasant working environment.

Choosing diversity: promoting male/female, generational, social, and cultural diversity for the benefit of collective intelligence.

Carmine, committed to the most vulnerable among us

Carmine is a partner of Émeraude Voile Solidaire, an association that organises sailing trips for vulnerable people experiencing any kind of suffering: physical handicap, mental disorders, loneliness, exclusion, or long-term illness. Each person arrives with their own frailties yet is welcomed with the same kindness.

Carmine, together with responsible partners

A digital accessibility solution that adapts the display of our website to suit the motor, visual, and cognitive requirements of Internet users who suffer from disabilities.

An ethical email marketing platform we use to promote sustainable digital communication: data hosting based in France, anti-spam measures, responsible management of the volume of emails sent, and more.

A selective sorting solution enabling our employees to recycle paper, bottles, coffee capsules, cans, among others. In addition to offering a second life to our waste, Les Joyeux Recycleurs employs, trains, and supports employees nearing the end of their professional integration process.