Working together to determine the appropriate STRATEGIC DIRECTION for you, your company, and your shareholder interests

What is the value of my company? How can I finance the restructuring of my company’s capital? How can I ensure the distribution of capital is in line with the added value provided by the various shareholders? Is my company taking full advantage of its potential?

These are all critical questions you may be asking yourself, that managers are often too isolated to answer!

As we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we are directly involved on a daily basis in managing and turning around the companies in which we are shareholders. These personal experiences, both our successes and failures, contribute to our ability to listen and grasp new and complex situations.

We regard our consulting practice as an exchange between equals. Our primary role involves creating a context around you that is favourable to the emergence of new ideas and solutions, providing a climate of strength and serenity. This is what will enable us, together, to design and implement strategic decisions.


Carmine’s partners bring all their entrepreneurial experience to bear on owner-managers, especially at critical moments: departure of a partner, reorganisation of capital, strategic reorientation, and the like. We take into consideration and analyse with you all the possible options in order to find a solution to your business challenges in the greatest serenity, thereby protecting your company and your assets. 

We work with you to intelligently structure your financing to ensure your business remains profitable and that you are protected.



  • Overcoming difficulties
  • Protecting and optimising your professional and financial assets
  • Revealing and boosting the potential of your companies
  • Clearing the horizon



  • An outside view from a trusted third party gives you the opportunity to take a step back from your day-to-day problems and thus helps you make more secure decisions.
  • An exchange of ideas with our team, made up of highly experienced professionals with a wealth of experience in a wide variety of sectors and companies
  • Providing operational skills covering strategic, financial, and operational issues including valuation, mediation in complex shareholder situations, transformation, optimisation, and management.