Your concerns represent our daily CHALLENGES and therefore our purpose

A veritable concentration of energy, talent, and diversity, Carmine Capital offers an innovative alternative to conventional players.

We place the human element at the heart of our mission, offering you tailor-made support to guide you throughout your divestment, acquisition, or fund-raising operations.

Entrepreneurs committed to SMEs

As partners at Carmine Capital, we are driven by entrepreneurial energy, a vector for growth and promise for the future. We are committed to the economic potential of France, the richness of its territories, and the energy and resilience of its entrepreneurs.

A leading advisory firm for mergers, acquisitions, and fundraising services dedicated to SMEs

The idea of creating Carmine Capital sparked in Anne-Laure Saint-Marc Girardin (Beuriot)’s mind about ten years ago, after she realised there were no firms in France – despite the fact that it is the country of small and medium-sized companies – that were renowned for their support of the small capitalization sector.

Carmine Capital was established in 2013 with the clear ambition of becoming a leading player in the field of corporate divestments, acquisitions, and fundraising dedicated to SMEs.

Germain Simoneau joined Carmine Capital in 2017, following his conviction in the importance of offering managers and shareholders a different kind of support. Entrepreneur for nearly 40 years, Germain finally found in Carmine Capital what was missing throughout his career: an investment bank or an advisor capable of understanding the issues and concerns of a manager with a proven track record and entrepreneurial empathy.

Carmine Capital’s DNA is rooted in operational experience, technical expertise, and above all, humility and commitment, essential when advising an owner-manager on a life-changing transaction.

Generational diversity and professional compatibility

In the same breath, Carmine Capital combines the creative energy of a specialist in capital transactions and the quiet strength of a seasoned entrepreneur.

Our performance and our relevance are based on this generational diversity and professional complementarity.

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« Value does not depend on the number of years! » Senior members, involved in all the projects, contribute their entrepreneurial experience.