Your are interested in
ACQUIRING a company?

How can I accelerate my company’s growth? How do I find the perfect target and how do I finance the acquisition?

Growth by acquisition is one of the most efficient ways of achieving this objective in the shortest possible time! Thanks to synergy effects. Carmine Capital’s team will act as your trusted partner in developing your acquisition strategy. Our knowledge of companies, their business models, and our experience in “hunting” enables us to identify and qualify the most appropriate acquisition targets in terms of strategy and synergies, and to manage the entire process.
Carmine Capital is also skilled in finding and structuring the financing of your acquisition, providing you with advice on integrating the acquired companies.


Our team is there to offer you tailor-made support, guiding you throughout the entire transaction.



Let’s work together on your strategy.

  • Clarify your company’s strategic objectives.
  • Define the criteria that will enable an optimal match by integrating all factors: operational, human, and financial.
Our added value
  • Enabling you to save time and improve efficiency: better targeting your search will optimise your chances of success.
  • Anticipate the consequences of the acquisition: its impact on your teams, synergy, common strategy, and financing.
  • Acquire companies before they are “put on the market”, thus benefiting from a context of discussion and negotiation by mutual agreement, more conducive to positive human relationships.



We guide the research and qualification phases in complete transparency.


  • Avoid missing out on opportunities by conducting a thorough research phase.
  • Identify and qualify optimal acquisition targets from a strategic, financial, and operational point of view.

Our added value

  • Understanding how to identify “invisible” targets on the market, thereby limiting the risks of competitive bidding.
  • Vous faire gagner du temps par la mise en place d’un processus éprouvé de sélection et qualification, dont l’avancement est visualisable en temps réel sur myCARMINE.
  • Préserver la confidentialité de votre stratégie de croissance externe et rassurer les cibles sur le sérieux de votre démarche (une proposition d’acquisition accompagnée par un professionnel est un gage de sérieux et de confiance pour le cédant).
  • Susciter le besoin et / ou l’envie de cession auprès de la cible.



We accompany you during the negotiations & throughout the entire process up to the signing of the acquisition.


  • Bringing the deal to a successful conclusion on time, on target, and of the highest quality.
  • Providing a choice between several opportunities and making sure you make the best one.

OurAdded value

  • Decoding: defining the most appropriate psychological angle for approaching the seller.
  • Protection: creating a “buffer zone” between sellers and buyers in order to calmly conclude the transaction, particularly during the difficult negotiation phase.
  • Long term vision: creating the conditions for a successful acquisition including financing, internal integration, strategy, synergies, and so on.
  • Compliance: ensuring that the “spirit” of the negotiations is faithfully reflected in the legal documentation thus avoiding any future source of disagreement. 
Thanks to the myCARMINE platform, you can transparently and in real time monitor the progress of your transaction.

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