Would you like
to RAISE capital?

How should I finance my growth? How can I secure my professional assets while retaining control of my business?

Are you interested in finding the best way to finance your development? How to best present and promote your company? Which development projects are presently being financed by investors? What are you committing to when opening your capital to an investment fund?

The Carmine Capital team acts as your trusted partner in guiding you towards the type of investor best suited to your project: institutional or entrepreneurial, sectoral or generalist, majority or minority, specialised in growth capital or buy-out, among others.


Our team is ready to provide you with personalised support, guiding you through the entire process: defining your needs, preparing for the raise, meeting with investors, assisting with negotiations, and finalising the deal.

We discuss with you how to structure your financing in an intelligent way in order to protect your business assets and optimise the financial framework of your company.



Let’s work together on your strategy.


  • Generating appetite: providing potential investors with the most advantageous insight into the opportunity that their entry into your company represents: growth potential, strength of the business model and customer base, as well as the value creation factors.
  • Demonstrate your company’s ability to deliver on its promises: the skills of your team, your development strategy, your command of the technology and/or services offered.

Our added value

  • Marketing: targeting the message and positioning the tone of the presentation to suit the expectations of the different investor profiles, thus ensuring their interest.
  • Strategic vision: build a credible, ambitious strategic plan, identifying the risk areas of the dossier, and implementing solutions to optimise its value.



We handle your fundraising process with complete transparency.

Objectives: the certainty of raising funds:

  • With the most suitable investor: “the best price / the clearest future / the highest security”.
  • Under optimal conditions: financial over the long term and also human, in order to protect the values that you espouse and the DNA of your company.

Our added value

  • Bringing intelligence and strategy to targeting: determining the investors for whom the opportunity will provide the greatest potential leverage.
  • Maximise your company’s valuation: coordinate a competitive process by pursuing a strategy specific to each potential investor.
  • Save time: anticipate stumbling blocks by having an in-depth knowledge of your company’s operations, thereby limiting the number of back-and-forth meetings.



We assist you during the negotiation and finalisation stages.


  • Successfully completing the operation in accordance with the proposed timetable and the expected conditions.
  • We provide guidance during the audit phase and throughout the negotiations, ensuring you are only called upon when necessary.

Our added value

  • Protection: creating a “buffer zone” between you – managers and shareholders – and the investors so you can calmly bring the deal to fruition, particularly during the difficult phases of negotiations.
  • Decoding: providing you with an “operational” vision of the legal requirements.
  • Long-term vision: securing your company’s future development and anticipating the conditions for upcoming financing rounds.
  • Compliance: ensuring that the “spirit” of the negotiations is faithfully reflected in the legal documentation thus avoiding any future source of disagreement.

Thanks to the myCARMINE platform, you can transparently and in real time monitor the progress of your transaction.

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