Advisory firm specialised in mergers, acquisitions, and fundraising for small and medium-sized companies

Our ambition: helping you unlock your company’s full potential to maximise its value

Carmine Capital is an entrepreneurial M&A advisory firm dedicated to providing support to SME owner-managers.

Our partners – committed entrepreneurs – provide their expertise as well as technical and human support for your mergers, acquisitions, and fundraising initiatives.


Your concerns represent our daily challenges and therefore our purpose

As partners at Carmine Capital, we are driven by entrepreneurial energy, a vector for growth and promise for the future. We understand what you are feeling when you approach a strategic move for your company and your assets. Our mission consists in accompanying you while at the same time providing you with information, advice, and sometimes even challenging you, making it our priority to ensure you remain empowered and serene throughout the process.



What is the value of my company? How to successfully launch my transaction?


How can I accelerate my company's growth? How do I find the perfect target and how do I finance the acquisition?


How should I finance my growth? How can I secure my professional assets while retaining control of my business?


How should I reorganise my company's capital? Is my company taking full advantage of its potential?


Thanks to the myCARMINE platform, you can transparently and in real time monitor the progress of your transaction.

Aware that your time is both limited and invaluable, we created a platform that guarantees you the utmost peace of mind throughout the execution of your transaction. This allows you to concentrate on running your business while we are working on your behalf.

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The myCARMINE platform provides:

Complete transparency

regarding our work, down to the slightest telephone call.


over confidentiality and information disclosed to third party acquirers or investors.

Real-time visibility

on the progress of your transaction and its timetable.

This level of transparency, offered only by us in Europe, is one of the keys to Carmine Capital’s precision, quality, and execution capabilities.