Benoit de Ravignan, en charge du développement Carmine Capital Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Expansion of Carmine Capital’s activities in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Carmine Capital continues its development in the heart of France with the opening of its new regional office in Bordeaux. This new location enables Carmine Capital to extend its sale and acquisition advisory services to the whole of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

We are proud to announce the opening of an office in Bordeaux, which will enable us to strengthen our presence in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and offer tailor-made support to the region’s SMEs and ETIs.

Ever since Carmine was founded, we’ve believed in the importance of building close relationships with business leaders.

“Knowing and experiencing our customers’ business territory is crucial. To provide the right support, you have to understand,” explains Anne-Laure Saint-Marc Girardin, founding partner of Carmine Capital. With well-established offices in Toulouse, Lille, Nantes, Lyon and Dijon, and an international presence through our subsidiaries in Switzerland and Canada, we are strengthening our ability to support business owners in their transfer and external growth projects, both nationally and internationally.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine boasts a particularly lively and innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem. The region boasts a remarkable diversity of sectors, creating fertile ground for capital transactions. For Carmine Capital, Bordeaux was an obvious choice.


Benoît de Ravignan to head up Bordeaux office 

Benoît de Ravignan, with a wealth of operational experience in strategic corporate positions, takes over the management of the Bordeaux office. 

“Benoît’s arrival at the head of our Bordeaux office is excellent news. His experience is a major asset for our clients in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region,” says Germain Simoneau, partner at Carmine Capital.


Putting finance back at the service of economic activity 

Benoît de Ravignan joins our team with the values he shares with Carmine’s 40 employees: finance must be at the service of people and their projects. 

“My aim is to reconcile the aspirations of managers with the financial solutions available, by offering personalized and committed support,” says Benoît. At Carmine Capital, we believe that our extensive network and our ability to mobilize a large number of counterparties offer our clients unprecedented freedom of choice, enabling them to select the successors or investment partners most aligned with their values and ambitions. 

We are convinced that this new stage in Carmine Capital’s development will enrich our ability to serve the ambitions of SMEs and ETIs in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and contribute to their long-term success.

Carmine Capital - Benoit de Ravignan

Benoît de Ravignan began his career in 2005 as a management controller at Tipiak, then SFR Business, where his mission was to support the managers of the 40 SFR Business distribution companies in their financial, operational, legal and capital challenges. After a spell at Conforama for the South-West region, in 2020 he joined L’Agence Telecom, one of SFR’s main distributors, as Deputy CFO to optimize performance and structure the business.

With a professional career spanning almost 20 years working alongside company directors and in strategic positions, Benoît has a strong legitimacy when it comes to our customers’ capital and operational challenges.

Benoît de Ravignan joins Carmine Capital in March 2024 as Development Director for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

To get more information, please contact: Benoît de Ravignan and Germain Simoneau.

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