Carmine Capital supports Actual group in the acquisition of Alter Ego

Carmine Capital supports Actual group in the acquisition of Alter Ego

Actual group is pursuing its strategic development by extending its presence in the French Overseas Departments and Regions (DROM) with the acquisition of Alter Ego, a major player in employment on Reunion Island. This strategic operation is part of a dynamic external growth policy. 

Actual group continues to grow

Less than a year after the successful acquisitions of Ergalis, Clémentine and Kobaltt, Actual group continues its external growth strategy. The integration of Alter Ego strengthens Actual group’s already significant presence in the French West Indies and French Guiana, and extends its activities to Reunion Island.


A response tailored to the needs of companies on Reunion Island

Aware of the specific employment challenges facing the French overseas territories, Actual group is resolutely tackling the employment challenge on Reunion Island. By combining the resources and expertise of Alter Ego with its own network of Accompagnement Envergure already established on the island, Actual group is strengthening its offer to local companies and groups from mainland France operating on Réunion. This integration is in line with Actual group’s vision of offering broader solutions for employment and skills development in the region.

Founded in December 2009 by Virginie Boireau, Alter Ego has 50 employees and 6 branches in Saint-Denis, Le Port, Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul. Alter Ego enjoys a solid reputation in the sector, with a turnover of €30 million.

Supporting people and companies

Today, as the 5th largest player in the French labor and employment market, Actual group is an independent, family-owned group with a resolutely humanist vision, working every day to facilitate the right to work for all.

Headed by Samuel Tual, a committed entrepreneur, the group is no. 1 in temporary employment in France. With 4,010 employees and more than 600 agencies across the country, Actual group currently supports 33,000 companies and 165,000 job applicants, with sales expected to reach 1.6 billion by 2023. 

Samuel Tual, Chairman of Actual group, underlines the importance of this operation for the group: “At Actual group, our aim is to support people in their long-term employability, in order to better serve the human resources needs of companies. The integration of Alter Ego is perfectly aligned with this vision, thanks to their approach focused on customer proximity and the quality of their support for temporary workers.”

A shared vision of the future of the recruitment and human resources business 

Virginie Boireau, founder and managing director of Alter Ego, expresses her satisfaction at this new step: “We are delighted to be joining Actual group, as we share the same vision and ambition to develop skills and support individuals in their professional careers. This union will enable our customers and candidates to benefit from enriching synergies. It’s a great opportunity for our region.”

With almost 15 years’ experience, Alter Ego is now recognized as a major player in La Réunion and the Indian Ocean. This alliance with Actual Group further strengthens its position in the market, offering a wide range of services from temporary work to placement on fixed-term and open-ended contracts, as well as professional integration and training. This alliance represents an opportunity for Groupe Alter Ego to benefit from the resources and support of a major group, while preserving its autonomy and identity on Reunion Island to continue promoting its values and supporting the local economy.

“We are proud to support Actual group in its growth ambitions, and we thank Samuel Tual for renewing his trust in us. The acquisition of Alter Ego testifies to their commitment to maintaining territorial proximity and offering an adapted response to local companies as well as to groups from metropolitan France operating in Réunion” adds Philippe Bloquet, Manager at Carmine Capital.

By supporting Actual Group in this latest acquisition, Carmine Capital has confirmed its M&A expertise in the recruitment agency industry.


For more information on this acquisition, please contact: Philippe Bloquet et Anne-Laure Saint-Marc Girardin.

Carmine Capital supports the LAGRANGE group in the acquisition of a majority stake in CERISE Hôtels et Résidences

Carmine Capital supports the LAGRANGE group in the acquisition of a majority stake in CERISE Hôtels et Résidences

The LAGRANGE group, one of the leaders in the top-of-the-range tourist residences industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in the CERISE Hôtels et Résidences group, which operates 14 establishments throughout France. This acquisition is the fruit of a vision shared by the management of both groups, and is part of a common desire to strengthen their market position. It will enable both groups to accelerate their growth and development. 

The activities of CERISE Hôtels et Résidences, which is specialized in Apart’Hôtels residences, complete those of LAGRANGE, which has a strong presence in seaside and mountain resorts, with over 120 sites in operation. Pierre-Olivier Toumieux comments: “In addition to the traditional business activity, the Apart’Hôtels are increasingly meeting the demand for short tourist stays, and offer the advantage of very constant activity throughout the year, which allow to free oneself from the usual seasonality of tourist sites. In this market segment, Groupe CERISE’s sites are the perfect complement to our current range.”

The synergies identified between the two groups will enable the CERISE Hotels and Residences group to further increase its profitability in the very short term, and to accelerate the development of new projects already identified by this group. 

Pierre-Olivier Toumieux commented: “Discussions with the CERISE group have intensified since last September as part of our strategy to consolidate the sector. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the CERISE Hotels and Residences group, chaired by Yannick Auré, has shown remarkable resilience and has managed to get through this difficult period.”

Yannick Auré is keen to point out that “this gradual transfer is taking place in a harmonious manner and is enabling the synergies sought by the CERISE Group to be put in place; this merger is accelerating development and facilitating the implementation of new projects thanks to the support and backing of the LAGRANGE Group’s teams”.

Pierre-Olivier Toumieux adds: “This operation, initiated before COVID, is part of our ongoing consolidation strategy, with the aim of achieving a balance between the “sea”, “mountains” and “city” clusters. I would like to underline the excellence of the Carmine team, whose responsiveness and efficiency were faultless throughout this process.” 

Since 2022, the Apart’Hôtels residences business has regained its “pre-sanitary crisis” dynamism, and remains a strategic element for the LAGRANGE Group. 

Both the LAGRANGE and CERISE groups are active and recognized members of the Fédération Nationale des Résidences de Tourisme et Villages de Vacances.


For more information on this acquisition, please contact: Cécile Jonnard, Paul Tagliero and Anne-Laure Saint-Marc Girardin.

Carmine Capital supports the sale of B.S.P.I Finance to Groupe Pavillon Prévoyance

Carmine Capital supports the sale of B.S.P.I Finance to Groupe Pavillon Prévoyance

B.S.P.I Finance, an independent wealth management consultancy, has joined forces with Groupe Pavillon Prévoyance, a leading provider of social protection and personal insurance based in Bordeaux.

B.S.P.I Finance, nearly 20 years’ experience in wealth management

Founded in 2005 by Laurent Stanek and his partners, B.S.P.I Finance is an independent wealth management consultancy based in Avignon. Thanks to nearly 20 years’ experience and a dedicated team of experts, B.S.P.I Finance has become a player recognized for the quality of its advice and tailor-made solutions, which meet the objectives and constraints of each of its clients, mainly managers of SMEs and ETIs.

In order to pursue the firm’s growth within a structured framework and benefit from enhanced synergies, Laurent Stanek decided to join forces with a major group such as Pavillon Finance, renowned for its financial solidity and innovative mutualist approach. This alliance will enable him to broaden the range of services offered to his customers, while drawing on a larger and more diversified network.


A strategic merger to consolidate expertise

Created through the merger of 9 companies (including the Sofraco Group, France’s leading network of social protection experts), the Pavillon Prévoyance Group is committed to protecting people throughout their lives, by developing solutions to help them live well: social protection, personal and property insurance, family office and real estate. With 100 years’ experience, 90 employees in 8 branches and 74,000 members, the group has established itself as a key player in the health insurance and provident sector.

This strategic alliance enables Pavillon Finance to consolidate its expertise in wealth management consulting. Laurent Stanek joins the group as a member of the management committee of the new Wealth Management division. He will continue to manage his existing clients, and will support the development of the business throughout France.

“When you put the customer’s interests at the heart of everything, it’s important to join a group that has the same value system, and to be assisted by an advisor who understands precisely the personal problems of the manager. Pavillon Prévoyance and Carmine Capital have fully met my expectations, my objectives… and those of my clients,” shares Laurent Stanek, manager of B.S.P.I Finance.

“We are delighted to have supported Laurent Stanek in the sale of his firm to the Pavillon Prévoyance group. This transaction further confirms our position in the highly dynamic wealth management sector,” enthuses Philippe Bloquet, Manager at Carmine Capital.


For more information about this transaction, please contact: Philippe Bloquet, Shamina Hassanaly and Anne-Laure Saint-Marc Girardin.

Carmine Capital and Rézoway announce their partnership to create the North American subsidiary of Carmine Capital

Carmine Capital and Rézoway announce their partnership to create the North American subsidiary of Carmine Capital

Assisting in the external growth of French businesses throughout the entire North American territory

We are pleased to announce the creation of our North American subsidiary in association with Rézoway on March 7th, 2024. This partnership allows us to combine the expertise of Carmine Capital in M&A consulting with that of Rézoway in business establishment in North America. The objective of this strategic partnership is to ensure successful establishment of French companies in the North American market, while facilitating the transmission of Canadian companies in North America and Europe.

Thanks to our partnership with Rézoway, a leading International Support Company (S.A.I) in Canada, also present in the United States, we are able to offer French companies a solid and secure external growth offer throughout the entire North American territory. This offer is based on two solid pillars: 

The first pillar consists of preliminary audit aimed at evaluating the potential of the North American market and determining the best development options in the territory. Thus, we will be able to define a tailor-made establishment strategy: organic growth through opening an office and/or external growth through targeted acquisition. 

The second pillar is based on a personalized approach to the acquisition process, thanks to Carmine Capital’s expertise. With over 20 years of experience in this field, the Carmine Capital team can efficiently and professionally accompany you throughout this crucial process.


Ensuring the transmission of Canadian companies

Based in Montreal, our subsidiary will also address the issue of transmission of Canadian companies. You can count on our proximity, international expertise, and over 20 years of M&A experience.

Rézoway has its own business center in Montreal, operates with offices in Toronto and a US network based in the San Diego (CA) subsidiary. With over 20 years of experience and over 50 mandates executed each year, Rézoway provides comprehensive support that solidifies the M&A offer of our North American subsidiary for both French and Canadian SMEs and ETIs.

Carmine Capital is based in Paris and has 6 regional offices in France as well as a subsidiary in Switzerland. Over the past 10 years, we have supported more than 250 divestiture, acquisition, and fundraising operations, demonstrating our solid experience and reliability. 

We are delighted to offer you this development opportunity and are confident that our partnership with Rézoway will add invaluable value to your projects.


For more information, please contact Anne-Laure Saint-Marc Girardin and Laurent Satre.

Carmine Capital supports the sale of Arcometal to Codigel

Carmine Capital supports the sale of Arcometal to Codigel

Arcometal, the manufacturer of top range custom made food service equipment, has joined forces with Codigel, one of the historic leaders in the supply of professional kitchen equipment.

Arcometal, designer and manufacturer of high-end kitchen furniture

Arcometal is one of France’s leading specialists in the manufacture of custom made equipment for hotels, restaurants and businesses.

With its unique know-how and over 40 years’ experience, Arcometal’s customers include such prestigious names as Airbus, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the 4-star Hilton and Crowne Plaza hotels in Paris.

Owned since 2011 by Frédéric Mallet and Fabien Lamole, the company has just completed a strategic merger with Codigel. This major player in the sector, positioned as one of the historical market leaders in the supply of professional kitchen equipment, achieved a turnover of €30 million in 2023.

Thanks to the acquisition of Arcometal, the Sibille family, owners of Codigel, will now be able to offer a global service, from the design and manufacture of top range custom made food service equipment to their refrigeration equipment.

“We’re not in it for the money! I’ve sensed a human and family sense among Arcometal’s managers. We’re here to revitalize the company and showcase Arcometal’s immense expertise, as one of the Top 3 companies in this sector in France, with a great reputation in the industry”, explains Laurent Sibille, Chairman of Codigel.

This is Codigel’s first successful external growth operation.


A new page opens

Now in the hands of the Sibille family, Arcometal will remain independent.

“For the time being, the two structures will be managed independently of each other by our family,” explains Laurent Sibille, “but Frédéric Mallet and Fabien Lamole will ensure that the business is passed on, and will continue to be the point of contact for installers and design offices.”

Frédéric Mallet, Chairman of Arcometal, is also delighted with the transaction: “This strategic merger, between two companies of consistent size, is the best solution for the long-term future of Arcometal, which is firmly rooted in a rural area. A change of generation will take place within the company, and this will lead to the creation of a new history.”

Frédéric Mallet and Fabien Lamole look back on their experience of the deal: “The Carmine Capital team was with us every step of the way, through the good times and the difficult. Above all, we remember their ability to reassure us and help us keep our spirits up, confident that the operation would be brought to a successful conclusion.”

“We are delighted to have contributed to the merger of Arcometal and Codigel. It is always a source of pride to advise managers on their capital transactions. At Carmine Capital, we are constantly striving to preserve the very essence of the companies we advise, while ensuring their sustainable post-transfer growth,” says Stéphane Carcenac, partner of Carmine Capital in Toulouse. 


For more information about this transaction, please contact: Stéphane Carcenac, Tanguy Payoux and Anne-Laure Saint-Marc Girardin.

Carmine Capital supports the sale of STA Group to

Carmine Capital supports the sale of STA Group to

The STA Group, specialized in freelance administration and connecting highly qualified consultants with companies, has joined forces with, the European leader in connecting companies with external talent.

STA Groupe, a reference in freelance administration

STA Groupe has become an undisputed reference in the field of freelance administration: with 930 employees and a turnover of almost 86 million euros in 2022, the STA Group achieved a turnover of 120 million euros in 2023, posting impressive growth of around 40%.

Early January 2024, STA Groupe joined forces with, the French champion in connecting companies and skilled workers.

This operation, which perfectly complements’s existing offering, particularly in the field of IT skills, opens up new prospects for growth. These synergies promise a seamless integration and open up very favorable horizons. The tools and processes put in place by STA enable it to produce its services at extremely competitive costs, ensuring profitability in line with standards.

Following the acquisition of OpenWork in August 2023, this latest operation propels the group beyond the billion euro revenue threshold, marking a remarkable trajectory of success in just three years after passing the half-billion milestone.


Reinforced range of services with nearly 15,000 active consultants

The merger with STA enables to strengthen its range of services for freelancers and companies, playing an active role in consolidating the freelance administration market in France.

“The STA group enjoys an excellent reputation among freelance and corporate clients. It boasts an ergonomic platform and also an innovative, full digital, SaaS mode service offering.
Over and above the synergies between our know-how to consolidate the group’s leading position in the freelance administration market in France and Europe, the successive acquisitions of OpenWork and STA will enrich’s talent pool with nearly 15,000 active consultants. is thus consolidating its positioning in skills that are in high demand by its key account customers: strategy consultants, business experts, transition managers and IT freelancers,” 
declares Laurent Perret,’s Managing Director in charge of freelance administration.

“After 12 years of uninterrupted growth, I’m keen to back the STA Group with a partner able to ensure its long-term future and development. I was attracted by’s long-term industrial project, which aims to make it easier for freelancers to find assignments and for companies to find talent, particularly in the IT sector. The wide range of services offered by perfectly complements the specific features of our business model and the quality of the support we provide to our customers,” shares David Forner, Chairman and founder of STA Groupe.

He goes on to describe his experience of the deal: “The support offered by Carmine’s teams, particularly in terms of psychological support for the manager, was particularly significant to me. Preparing to sell a company involves a complex psychological process. The expertise of Germain Simoneau and his team was a great help in navigating through these emotional fluctuations. I would also like to underline their exceptional availability.”

“We were delighted to contribute to STA Groupe’s merger with This transaction, which perfectly matches our client’s personal objectives with’s growth strategy, makes a great deal of sense, both from a human and an industrial point of view. At Carmine Capital, our aim is to meet the expectations of our shareholder clients, while guaranteeing the long-term future of their companies and the development of the men and women who make them up. In the case of this transaction, this will indeed be the case”, shares Germain Simoneau, partner at Carmine Capital. 


For more information about this transaction, please contact: Germain Simoneau, Xavier Langlois and Tanguy Payoux.

Carmine Capital supports the sale of Alessia RH to KLB Group

Carmine Capital supports the sale of Alessia RH to KLB Group

Alessia RH, an expert in the design of Human Resources strategies and tactics on the French market, has joined forces with KLB Group. This alliance strengthens their ability to provide more comprehensive support for all their customers’ support function transformation projects.

Greater capacity to support customers’ strategic HR challenges

As companies are facing rapid change in their activities, with the democratization of new technologies (AI, automation, robotization of processes, etc.) and a strong need to capitalize on knowledge, KLB Group continues to broaden its range of offerings for support functions by integrating business expertise and in-depth sector knowledge in the field of Human Resources.

Founded 30 years ago, Alessia RH has now 20 employees in France who will be joining KLB Group. With over 500 recruitments, 300 support assignments (consulting) and 500 professional interviews carried out for their customers (outsourcing), the company is developing its capacity to support its customers’ strategic HR challenges in a variety of business sectors.


KLB Group’s first acquisition

Founded in Paris in 1995 by Flavien Kulawik and Jean-Marc Le Breton, KLB Group gradually expanded in Europe in the 2000s (Barcelona, London, Cologne, Lyon, etc.) and then has expanded internationally from 2010 (Sao Paulo, Casablanca, Montreal, New York, etc.). KLB Group currently employs 750 people, is present in 6 countries and has achieved revenues of €50 million by 2023.
This acquisition marks KLB Group’s first external growth. The company strengthens its presence in France with two new offices, in Nantes and Paris.

“Working together with Alessia RH, while retaining this strong brand anchored in the market, enables us to support our customers on a wider perimeter and thus better support their growth and transformation projects”, emphasized Mathieu Dominguez, Managing Director of KLB Group.I am delighted to welcome the Alessia RH team to KLB Group. With our international geographic presence and our multi-sector expertise, we will be able to support and accelerate Alessia RH’s growth. Their skills will enable us to raise the standards we wish to pass on to our teams and our customers.”

“We share a common corporate culture, common values and a strong taste for intrapreneurship”, adds Romain Briant, Staffing Director for France and Canada. “This acquisition is an opportunity to consolidate our skills, combine our different areas of expertise and deepen our close collaboration with our customers in France. We look forward to welcoming Alessia RH’s staff to our teams.”

François-Xavier Adam, Managing Director and Partner Alessia RH, adds: “We are delighted to be joining the KLB Group teams. Together, we’re going to develop a robust center of expertise to accompany, develop and support all our customers’ support function transformation projects. These are also great opportunities for our team to develop its skills and offerings, which we’ll be delighted to share with our customers.”

François-Xavier Adam comments on his experience of the deal: “I’d like to thank the Carmine Capital teams for their efficiency and professionalism. The success of this operation paves the way for growth opportunities and enhances value for all concerned.”


An operation generating growth levers

“Our positioning in the Human Resources sector, developed over several years, has enabled us to support François-Xavier Adam and the Alessia RH teams in their merger with KLB Group. I believe that this step marks a real strategic advance for all parties, both for Alessia RH in pursuing its development, and for KLB Group in structuring its recruitment and training division” enthuses Philippe Bloquet, Manager Carmine Capital.


For more information about this transaction, please contact Sandrine Moreau, Philippe BloquetAnne-Laure Saint-Marc Girardin and Guillaume Mercier.

Carmine Capital supports Actual group in its acquisition of Clémentine

Carmine Capital supports Actual group in its acquisition of Clémentine

Based in Laval (Mayenne), Actual group acquired the recruitment firm Clémentine this summer. With Clémentine, a recognized specialist in the recruitment of talent in the digital, IT, data and cybersecurity industries, Actual group aims to accelerate the digitalization of businesses.

Clémentine, a recruitment expert in the NTIC sector

Founded in 2000 by Emmanuel Stanislas, the Clémentine recruitment agency has recognized expertise in France’s digital ecosystem. Today, this experience has enabled him to develop a real know-how in the recruitment of this reputedly specific population. 

This experience is backed up by a powerful, qualified network of over 100,000 candidates in our areas of expertise. This network is made up of a pool of candidates who are known, evaluated and monitored in terms of their development and motivation. Clémentine employs 15 experts in Paris and Marseille, and recruits around 150 people a year, generating sales in excess of €2.2 million.


Accelerating the digitalization of businesses

Today, as the 5th largest player in the French labor and employment market, Actual group is an independent, family-owned group with a resolutely humanist vision, working every day to facilitate the right to work for all.

Headed by Samuel Tual, a committed entrepreneur, the group is no. 1 in temporary employment in France. With its 3,550 employees and over 600 branches throughout France, Actual group currently supports 33,000 companies and 165,000 job applicants, and expects to achieve sales of 1.6 billion by 2022.

Faced with the growing needs of an increasing number of companies as they embark on their transformation and accelerate their digitalization, Actual group’s managers had to find solutions to meet their customers’ expectations and transformation challenges. By integrating Clémentine and drawing on their IT and digital recruitment expertise, Actual group is able to offer a quality service to help companies select the best profiles in this highly competitive market. 

This new acquisition feeds into the group’s Talent Management family development project, and broadens the offering of its recruitment consultancies (CCLD, Batenborch, Up Skills, Kobaltt and Talent People) in the ever-expanding Digital and IT sector. It also strengthens the Group’s positions in the middle-up and executive search segments.


A stronger position in the IT market

“Thanks to this acquisition and our partnership with Holberton School, we are consolidating our position as the preferred partner for companies seeking the best digital talent. This acquisition strengthens our position in the IT market and will enable us to offer effective and innovative solutions to support our customers in their digital transformation, ready to meet the challenges of the constantly evolving technology market and help our customers grow in this dynamic environment” shares Samuel Tual, President Actual group.

“I’m particularly enthusiastic about this alliance with Actual group, a company recognized for offerings that complement and consolidate our ability to support our customers effectively, by delivering the added value of a specialist. With the strength of our specialization consolidated by complementary resources and expertise, we will continue to serve and advise startups, major groups and the public sector in their digitization and recruitment of digital talent, always maintaining the same level of commitment and competence it has demonstrated for over 20 years!” comments Emmanuel Stanislas, President of Clémentine.


Two complementary players who share the same values

“We are delighted that Actual Group and Clémentine have joined forces. It’s always a pleasure to bring together high-caliber entrepreneurs,” shares Anne-Laure Beuriot, founding partner of Carmine Capital.

By supporting the acquisition of Clémentine, Carmine Capital confirms its M&A expertise in the world of recruitment agencies.


For more information about this transaction, please contact Philippe Bloquet and Anne-Laure Beuriot.