Benoît de Ravignan

Managing Partner

Benoît de Ravignan began his career in 2005 as a management controller at Tipiak, then SFR Business, where his mission was to support the 40 CEOs running SFR Business distribution companies in financial, operational, legal and capital issues. After a spell at Conforama for the South-West region, in 2020 he joined L'Agence Telecom, one of SFR's main distributors, as Deputy CFO to optimize performance and structure the business.

All these rich and singular experiences in the field have brought Benoît closer to the practice of consulting, and today make him very legitimate when faced with the financial and operational challenges faced by managers.

Benoît de Ravignan joined Carmine Capital in March 2024 as a Director in charge of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine regional office.