Germain Simoneau


Germain is a serial entrepreneur having accumulated experience in a wide range of business sectors such as services, finance, industry, and digital. A networker, he is just as comfortable working in law as in finance. Over the course of his career, Germain has raised and structured more than €800M worth of funds and financing. He has sold dozens of companies, not only on his own behalf but also for his clients and partners, both in France and abroad.

Carmine Capital is also highly involved in defending the interests of French SMEs and mid-sized companies. In this capacity, Germain currently chairs the "Business Financing" Commission of the Confederation of Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (CPME). He is a Full Member of the Financial Sector Consultative Committee (a body of the Banque de France), and participates in the work of the Observatory of Business Financing under the chairmanship of the National Credit Mediator.