BFM Business OBO

The principles of the Owner Buy Out (OBO) presented by Germain Simoneau

Special guest of BFM Business during the Impact SME trade show, Germain Simoneau presents how the OBO process works.

BFM Business OBO

The effects of the crisis are glaringly obvious: no company is immune from experiencing difficulties or from losing market value.
To protect oneself, there is a solution: the Owner Buy Out (OBO).
This financial and legal arrangement enables a shareholder-manager to increase the value of their assets while safeguarding their company’s business.
Who benefits from an OBO? How does it work? What are the drivers? What are the risks?

In this video interview, Germain Simoneau explains in detail the principles of this “sale to oneself” and its advantages.

For more information on how the OBO works, please contact Germain Simoneau.

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