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The divestment-acquisition phase is a pivotal moment in a company’s life, especially that of its owner-managers. Such transactions, affecting a company’s equity, involve a complex process that requires method and rigour. Carmine Capital provides support to SMEs and their shareholders throughout the sale and acquisition process, as well as in their fundraising campaigns.


An entrepreneurial spirit

Carmine Capital mission is to assist and advise entrepreneurs in addressing the financial, professional, and personal challenges of a capital transaction. Their mission? Helping business owners optimise the valuation of their professional assets while ensuring the sustainability of their company’s development even after the transaction has been completed.

Carmine Capital is run by entrepreneurs. Being themselves keenly attuned to the problems of the managers they support, they are noted for their expertise, humility, experience, and empathy.
As far as the team itself, they are particularly well represented in terms of generational, social, and cultural diversity, which is a strong vector for innovation, dynamism, and flexibility.
M&A transactions also call for confidentiality, transparency, and commitment. For this reason, Carmine Capital considers these values to be fundamental pillars of its business and daily operations.

Strategic transactions

A capital transaction, such as a sale, an acquisition, or the raising of funds, is a rare and important moment in the life of owner-managers and their companies. In order to optimise the advantages and positive effects of the transaction, it is crucial that the operation’s strategy fully integrates all of the manager’s concerns. These may include their financial objectives, their financial interests and constraints, their professional and personal plans and, of course, their values and ambitions for their employees.

Carmine Capital therefore provides a highly personalised service. The process starts by having in-depth discussions with the managers to discuss all these issues and build the appropriate strategy. This is followed by an audit of the company: its strategy, its financial health, and its ecosystem, among others. Once the action plan is established, Carmine Capital manages the various stages of the transaction: research, targeting, and qualification. This work then opens the way to the exchange, presentation, and negotiation phases during which Carmine Capital’s partners and associates continue to be involved with their clients on a daily basis until the deal is completed.
Fortified by its experience, its rigour, and its innovative approach, Carmine Capital has already completed more than 200 transactions, with the ambition of supporting more than one hundred deals per year by 2024.

The myCarmine platform

In the interests of transparency and efficiency, Carmine Capital also provides its clients with a digital platform designed to monitor the progress of their operations.

Carmine Capital’s clients can thus follow in real time all the initiatives undertaken by its teams on their project. This visibility provides a level of trust and reliability enabling managers to remain focused on developing their business while delegating the complex management of their transaction with peace of mind.

Carmine Capital is the only firm in Europe offering this level of transparency and trust through its web-based solution myCarmine.

A socially committed firm

Carmine Capital is fully dedicated to corporate social responsibility with a strong focus on improving its social, societal, and environmental impact. This entails protecting the interests of its clients along with the DNA of their company.

Furthermore, Carmine Capital is also actively committed to its employees in terms of diversity, value sharing, and quality of life at work.

This determination is reflected in the choice of its partners and its involvement with associations such as Emeraude Voile Solitaire, SendEthic, FACIL’iti and Les Joyeux Recycleurs.

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