Avady Pool

Carmine Capital supports the sale of Avady Pool to Nextpool

Carmine Capital leverages its industry expertise and national reach by bringing Avady Pool and Nextpool together: synergies for the benefit of innovation in water treatment. 

A responsible player in environmental preservation

Founded in 2011 in Osny (Val d’Oise, France) by Dominique and Isabelle Ducoeur, Avady Pool designs and manufactures water treatment regulation, dosing and control equipment, which it distributes on a B2B basis to a clientele of pool product distributors in France and Europe. This family-run company generates nearly €5 million in revenues, and generates a quarter of its business from exports, notably by supporting SCP Europe, its first customer and also one of Nextpool’s customers. 

Dominique and Isabelle Ducoeur wanted to focus on other projects, so they turned to Carmine Capital to help them sell their business.

Leader in pool equipment and water treatment

Nextpool specializes in the manufacture and assembly of custom equipment for private and public swimming pools, as well as for the sun protection sector.

After acquiring Pool Technologies at the end of 2021, the Lyon-based group, controlled by B & Capital since 2020, completed the acquisition of Avady Pool this summer. This completes its range of water treatment products, combined with an excellent brand image.

“Nextpool has a complete offering in the water treatment segment for private and public swimming pools”, says Charles Gaudry, Investment Director at B & Capital.

Nextpool now employs around 550 people at peak times, and is expected to achieve sales of around €120 million in the current financial year.


Durability and synergies

While Avady Pool retains its brand, its industrial facilities and its 25-strong workforce, there is no shortage of synergies, particularly in terms of optimizing purchasing with Pool Technologie. Chaired by Nicolas Osanno, Nextpool also intends to strengthen export sales, and is planning further external growth operations outside France between now and the end of the year. 

“By joining the Nextpool Group, we are giving a broader horizon to the Avady Pool adventure begun 12 years ago. We will personally continue to support the company’s customers and employees to ensure a successful transition in this new, even more ambitious development project”, share Dominique and Isabelle Ducoeur.

Nicolas Osanno adds: “We are proud to take over from Isabelle and Dominique Ducoeur, who have grown this company and built a relationship of trust with their customers by offering reliable products and services tailored to their needs.”

We are delighted to have contributed to the merger between Avady Pool and Nextpool. It’s always a source of pride to advise managers on their financial transactions. Carmine Capital’s constant ambition is to preserve the DNA of the companies we work with, while ensuring their long-term development beyond a single transaction,” says Anne-Laure Beuriot, founding partner of Carmine Capital.

To get more information about the transaction, please contact: Anne-Laure Beuriot, Antoine Vintzel or Benoit Galliou.

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