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Interview with Stéphane Carcenac, Carmine Capital Toulouse: “The examples of success stories are multiplying”

Excerpt from an interview with Stéphane Carcenac – Managing Partner of Carmine Capital Toulouse, for Entreprises Occitanie – April 2022

Carmine Capital is an investment bank dedicated to assisting SME shareholder managers in their transfers, acquisitions, and fundraising. The firm presents itself as an alternative to conventional investment banks. Stéphane Carcenac, Managing Partner of Carmine Capital Toulouse, defends providing 100% transparent support by “placing the human element at the core of each of its missions”.

As an observer of the local entrepreneurial landscape, what trends do you detect in the use of fundraising in Occitania?

Driven by a highly buoyant private equity market, we are noticing a new trend on the part of an increasing number of companies that are considering inviting a financial investor into their capital. We are increasingly solicited for the financing of growth through acquisition transactions as well as more asset-based projects such as the Owner Buy Out (OBO). Read more: https://www.entreprises-occitanie.com/actualites/stephane-carcenac-carmine-capital-toulouse-les-exemples-de-belles-histoires-se

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