Interview with Anne-Laure Beuriot and Stéphane Carcenac for the MEDEF Paris magazine

Interview with Anne-Laure Beuriot and Stéphane Carcenac, for Inspir’, the MEDEF Paris magazine – August 2022

Because the sale of a company is a unique event in the life of an entrepreneur, Carmine Capital assists them throughout the sale or fundraising process with a view towards optimising the company’s value and the sustainability of its growth. Anne-Laure Beuriot, founding partner, and Stéphane Carcenac, managing partner of Carmine Capital, explain more about it.

What is Carmine Capital?

Anne-Laure Beuriot: It is an independent firm assisting SMEs in their divestment, acquisition, and fundraising transactions. Our work is structured around three pillars:

  • Quality of execution, guaranteed by a team of some ten experienced analysts centralised in Paris;
  • Transparency: thanks to a software platform developed internally upon our creation in 2013, with which our clients can follow the progress of their transactions in real time. This approach, unique in the industry, enables us to develop a strong relationships of trust;
  • Proximity: we have offices in Toulouse, Lille, Nantes, and Dijon. We are also planning on opening in Geneva, Lisbon, Barcelona, and Montreal in the coming months.

Who are your clients and what are their needs?

Stéphane Carcenac:We serve mainly small and medium-sized companies generating revenue of between €5 million and €150 million. For these companies, we cover all stages of their financial transactions. We identify the most suitable partners, then let our client make the choice and set up the negotiations. Our mission consists in enabling them to carry out their projects with the appropriate people by ensuring they are satisfied with the value of their professional assets in the short term, as well as over the long term, by making sure they transfer the capital of their company to a buyer or investor who shares their values, preserves the company, and protects their employees.

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